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Subject Frequently Asked Questions on the SolarWall air heating system
Author Sascha Deri
Frequently Asked Questions on the SolarWall Air Heating System

Q: Is Solarwall a primary heating source?
A: No, this system's energy source is the sun, so you will not receive heat gain at night.

Q: Will Solarwall work on cloudy days?
A: Yes, although compared to a sunny day, the temperature gain will be less per hour, the number of hours of thermal gain will actually increase.

Q: What about cooling?
A: The Solarwall can be set so at night it will bring in cool outside air.

Q: How much fresh air is provided?
A: The fan will provide 150 cubic feet per minute. On a 2000 sq. ft. house Solarwall will provide 3.5 full air exchanges per day.

Q: Can Solarwall be relocated?
A: Yes, but of course there will be a hole from where the duct went through the wall or roof.

Q: How big of a hole in wall or roof will I need to make to install Solarwall?
A: 6 or 8 inches depending upon fan unit supplied in kit.

Q: How much electricity is needed to run Solarwall?
A: 24 Watts. The system can also be run off a single solar panel.

Q: Is there any danger of a fire from Solarwall?
A: No, the Solarwall panels will not reach a high enough temperature to pose. any fire hazard.
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