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Subject Using Air403/Air-X, what happens to the excess energy?
Author Sascha Deri
> Thanks for responding to my question about Alt energy. Lets say I have the
> Air 403 producing power w/inverter to put out 120V. Can I connect that
> output to one of my circuits in my house, lets say a circuit that powers the
> lights and outlet plugs in one or two rooms while the circuit is still
> connected to the breaker box (grid)? If so, will the power from the 403 be
> used when it is producing instead of the power from the grid?
> I eventually will have a system in place that will power selected circuits in
> my house that will be completely off of the grid, therefore I will need power
> sources, battery bank, inverter, power controller, etc. But for now, I would
> like to just supplement the power to one or two circuits. Also, lets say it
> is possible to do what I have asked you about and the 403 is producing plenty
> of power at night but the circuit(s) it is connected to is not drawing all
> the power. Will the power be wasted without an utility intertie inverter?

If you use the AIR 403 with a small battery bank and an inverter then you can pull a couple of the circuits of your house off the main circuit breaker panels and put them on a sub-panel. You can't have these same circuits be powered by the AIR 403 and the grid. Alternatively you can have the AIR feeding in to the main circuit breaker panel (still with the small battery bank and utility intertie inverter) and just powering whatever loads it can without splitting any loads off onto a sub-circuit breaker panel. In this scenario the AIR 403 is just feeding into the general pool of electricity supplying the house.

Since the AIR 403 requires a small battery bank even with a utility intertie inverter then if it is generating power at night then the power will be stored in the battery bank. If the battery bank is full then, yes, the power will be wasted if you do not use a utility intertie inverter.
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