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Subject Outdoor Solar lighting
Author Sascha Deri
> Dear Staff,
> I am attempting to provide solar lighting in an area far from the house (we
> live on acreage and I want to light an area near the gate to our property.)
> Do you have a kit for sale which would utilize solar energy and then convert
> to standard power with an electrical plug-in for my lighting system? I have
> already tried the stand alone solar lights and I don't like the level of
> lighting they provide. I already have a solar powered gate which has worked
> perfectly for years without having to run electrical cords out to the
> location. I appreciate any information you can provide.

If you do not like the stand alone solar lights then it may be best to use a standard outdoor AC floodlight that does have a level of light that you like and then we can design a small solar system to power it. You can just go to Home Depot or some other hardware store and work with the lighting person to find the most efficienct flood light they have and then let us know how many watts it draws. What we will do is spec out the appropriate solar panel and battery system to power it. (You can use a very small inverter available from an auto parts store or WalMart for the inverter to convert DC battery power to standard 120 volt AC power since a light is a small load.) You will have to let us know if the light is on a motion sensor or all night too.
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