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Subject Charger for our battery bank?
Author Sascha Deri
> We have purchased four PVX-12105 12 volt batteries from The Alternative
> Energy Store and plan to order four more. We will have two sets of batteries
> in the following configuration. 2 batteries in series then the 2 sets of
> series batteries in parallel for 24 volts, 4 batteries per set. We are
> looking for a battery charger that can charge quickly. Can you suggest the
> best way to charge the batteries should we charge the 12 volt cells
> separately, the four 12 volt cells all in parallel? Can you suggest a
> charger that would work for us?
> Thank you


If you are looking for an inverter/charger then you will want to pick a unit with a 24 volt DC input. If you are looking for just a charger without an interter built-in then you will look for the same characteristic - a 24 volt DC input. This should be easy to find even if you use a standard, off the shelf automotive charger. (I do not recommend an automotive charger for sealed batteries like the Concorde's but they are easy to find.)

You definitely do not want to charge at 12 volts and then re-configure to 24 volts. That is bad for the batteries and such an inconvenient set-up that you may be tempted to not get them fully charged or charged often enough.
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