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Subject Solar Hot Water and Heliodyne Gobi collector
Author Sascha Deri
> I had some questions relative to the Gobi with a 4x 10 collector.
> 1. Is it possible for the solar storage tank to be too big?
> 2. I know u recommend an electric hot water tank for a storage tank, how come?
> 3. What is involved to incorporate a wood stove?


I suppose it is possible for the storage tank to be too big but it would have to be REALALY big - like several hundred gallons. Anything in the 80 - 100 or even slightly larger is fine. It also depends somewhat on how much water you use. If you really use a small fraction of the storage capacity then you will probably want to size based on that rather than the storage tank. In any case, the solar collector just off-sets fuel that you will otherwise pay for, so the payback is around the same as long as the collector area is in a reasonable porportion to the use.

An electric tank interfaces more easily with a solar thermal pre-heating system since there are two thermostats and you can turn one of them off. This allows the system to sense the water coming from the solar collectors more efficiently.

Although technically a wood stove can be incorporated into the system, the question would be how to turn the woodstove "off" when the water reached a high temperature. If the woodstove is allowed to heat the water indefinitely then the system could come to a boil which would be dangerous and detrimental to the circulating fluid. You should try inquiring at a woodstove store to see what they have for a shut-off and we will see how that goes with our system.
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