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Subject RVs and solar power
Author Sascha Deri
> Your BP275 solar panel looks like the best panel for my use. From my
> research on your site and the Internet, I see a noticeable absence of RV use
> from the Applications sections. Are these panels suitable for RV use? If
> they are, why aren't RVs listed among the applications? If they're not
> appropriate, why not?

Hello Steve,

Yes, the BP 75 watt module is perfect for RV use. There are some solar companies that specialize in solar systems for RV's and it is an area we have discussed creating kits for but there are only so many hours in a day, unfortunately.

There are some components that work better for RV systems than others (for example, many RV'ers like flush mounted charge controllers and meters) but there is no difference in the components for an RV system as compared to a residential system. Also, since many RV's have limited roof space folks tend to like one or two large panels (100 watts - 150 watts) rather than the smaller panels like the 75 watt variety. However, if 75 watts or 150 watts is all the power you need then the BP 75 is a perfect choice!

Here is the system I would create for an RV:

1 or 2 solar panels
BP Solarex BP-275

Solar Boost 2000E
(This is a flush mount controller with a built-in meter)

UniRac's Adjustable RV Rack (52")
(This rack mounts on the roof of the RV and allows you to tilt the solar panels to the drivers side or the passenger side in order to have the solar panels facing south. This particular rack holds 2 - 100 watt modules but we can get the identical rack for 2 - 75 watt modules for about $10 less)

This does not include the system wiring or any batteries since RV's usually have a bank of batteries. This system also does not include an inverter since I do not know what size you will need. Chances are you will need the ProSine 1800 watt inverter or something in that size range:

Statpower PROsine 1800, 12V
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