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Subject Mounting a solar panel on my RV
Author Sascha Deri
> Thanks for your prompt and in-depth reply. Your recommendations are perfect
> for a large RV. But I am only in a 22' travel trailer and AC is not an
> issue. Therefore I want to go with the single BP 275 panel. I don't have
> the space on my roof to accommodate the UniRac. What type of mounting
> hardware do you have for an on-roof, fixed panel installation?

Hello Steve,

For a stationary mount UniRac also offers a set of "feet" which are basically cut & drilled pieces of angle iron that can be bolted into the roof (and then the holes siliconed) and adapted to any solar panel.

One set of feet per solar panel

UniRac RV feet (non-adjustable)

You should also use a charge controller even though you are starting with one solar panel for safety reasons. It is best to start with a controller that is large enough to handle the most amperage your system will every produce rather than having to upgrade controllers each time you add a solar panel.

We have some controllers that are smaller than 20 amps but the controller should be 25% larger than then solar array.
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