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Subject Inverter for home in Dominican Republic
Author Sascha Deri
> I am interested in buying an inverter to be used in the Dominican
> Republic. I don't know much about inverter so can you please give me some
> information about it what I need and how big of a unit I need. It is to be
> used at a home with about 20, 75 watt bulb, 2 medium size refrigerator, a
> washing mechanic and dryer, two small window conditioners, 35" TV and a sub
> pump. I am looking for a unit with an automatic start. I do not need the
> batteries, I will get it down there. Also let me know what the price of one
> of these units might cost.


Do you want an inverter that will automatically start when the utility grid becomes unvailable or that will automatically start a generator to charge the batteries when their charge becomes low? Almost all of our inverters will start automatically when the utility grid becomes unavailable but there are only a few that will automatically start a generator to charge the batteries. There are several different sizes of inverter but I am not sure what output voltage you need - is the DR 120/240 volts 60 hz or 230 volts 50 hz? If you let me know this then I can recommend a specific unit. If you use 120/240 volts 60 hz and any of the loads you hope to operate require 240 volts then you will either need to stack two inverters (each single inverter only puts out 120 volts) or use a single inverter with a 120 volts to 240 volts step up transformer.

In the meantime here are some of the options:

These are 120/240 volts 60 hz

Trace SW4024

Trace SW5548

These are 230 volts 50 hz

Trace SW3024E

Trace SW4548E

There are also some smaller and less expensive inverters that will automatically start when the utility becomes unavailable but I think they are too small to operate all the loads you have listed.

You will also need a fuse or disconnect between the inverter and batteries.
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