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Subject Windmill questions
Author Sascha Deri
> Hi! We are very interested in your windmill product and have a few
> questions. Will we be able to install this unit ourselves, instead of
> hiring a contractor with special equipment? Would we be able to connect
> this easily to our home electric system, or does the electric company
> need to be involved? If so, do you know their average charge? What would
> I ask them to do when we purchase this unit? We use about 1630kwh
> monthly, would this unit benefit us? We have a steady wind where we
> live, almost year-round,and just cringe at the high price of electricity
> prices. We also are striving for a self-sufficient home. Any information
> would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Lisa

Hello Lisa,

Thank you for your interest in the Alternative Energy Store.

We have several different types of wind generators available ranging in cost from $500 - $20,000 and in size from about 20 pounds to 1000 pounds. If you are hoping for a wind electric system to operate your entire monthly electric bill of 1630 kWh per month then you will need a very large wind generator. The largest one we carry (which costs around $30,000 if you include the tower in the price) will produce around 1000 - 1200 kilowatt hours per month depending on your wind resource. This unit weighs around 1000 pounds and a crane is required to install it so it is probably more than the average homeowner is able to deal with.

Of course you do not have to operate your entire home if $30,000 is more than you were hoping to spend. Please see the Wind Energy Primer in our Alt E University for more options:

In the meantime, if you really want to create a self-sufficient home, energy efficiency is the first step. I would suggest hiring a company that specializes in energy efficiency to come in and evaluate your home for ways to begin saving energy and money immediately. Once the electric bill is a bit more manageable then a wind electric system may be a more feasible option.
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