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Subject Sending Power to the Grid
Author Sascha Deri
> Here in California, one can connect a generating device to the Grid, and =
> whatever power is put on the grid, it is paid for by the power company.
> Do you know any product which allows this?


It is a national law that every utility in every state purchase power back from independent power producers who put electricity back onto the grid. What is not regulated is how much they will pay for that power. What is happening in California right now is a relationship between home owner/power producer and utility that is called Net Metering. With Net Metering the solar panels or other generating source turn your utility meter backwards creating a credit that you use up whenever you need it - often the home is empty during the day and the solar panels create a credit that is worked off at night when everyone gets home from work, school, errands etc.,.

Please read more on this topic in our Alt E University:

where we have several articles on Net Metering. We also have several packaged systems in out kits 2 go section that optimize this relationship with the utility company.
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