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Subject Wind power water pumping system
Author Sascha Deri
> I would like to have a quotation for an Air 403 wind module system which =
> is capable to drive a 24 V water pump. Scope of pump is to lift water =
> from a 40 metre
> deep bore hole and shift it to a nearby reservoir. Water replacement at =
> bore hole is approximately 40 litres per minute.
> Kindly include a complete system together with the appropriate pump.

Hello Louis,
To lift water from a 40 meter bore hole at a rate of 40 liters per minute will require a pump that is larger than the AIR 403 wind turbine can operate. The only pump we offer that will lift that kind of volume requires 600 watts at 136 volts. The AIR is too small for this and does not come in such high voltage.

If you are flexible about using solar panels instead of a wind generator I can offer you the following pumping system:

TSP-1000E Submersible Pump

8 each
BP Solarex BP-275

Two Seas UNI-TP/08 Universal Top-of-Pole Mount

This is a mostly complete solar direct water pumping system that will produce around 40 liters per minute with 40 meters of lift.
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