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Subject Water well pumping
Author Sascha Deri
> I have a 2 hp 220v pump on our water well and would like to hook it up
> to solar power so I don't have to depend on the electric company for my
> water. What would it take to do this? I'm not sure how it all ties
> together, but is it possible to produce some of the power to run my
> house and get the rest from the power company. If I did this, would the
> solar power be enough to run the basics (refrigerator, light, fans) when
> the main power gets cut off, for example during a storm?

Hello John,
Since AC water pumps are so inefficient a system to power just the pump may be much larger than you are hoping for. To power the pump for two hours per day which is probablt somewhat excessive will require one 4000 watt inverter with a step up transformer to get 220 VAC, 14 solar panels and about 4 batteries. The complete system will cost in the area of $8500. Please let me know if you would like to see an itemized system quote.

There are a number of ways to use solar in your home while still taking advantage of the available power coming in from the utility company. You can create a battery based back-up power system which is on "stand-by" to power your priority loads when the utility grid goes down, you can have a battery based system that runs those loads all the time or you can have a utility intertie system that has no batteries but just turns the utility meter backwards off-setting electricity that you would otherwise purchase from the utility. This type of utility intertie system has no battery storage so it will not power any loads while the utility grid is down however it is cheaper and more efficient than a battery based system. You can read more about these different system options in the Beginners Guide
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