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Subject 12V pump for 30ft well
Author Sascha Deri
> AltE,
> I need a 12v pump for a remote campsite location, but I do not see a
> "middle-of-the-road" pump, in terms of suction and dynamic head. My well
> is about 30ft deep, and most of your pumps will not draw effectively
> from that depth. The TSP 1000 series pumps will pump from that depth,
> but are much too expensive and have a larger capacity than my home-use
> needs.
> What type of cost-effective pump will fit these needs? Depth 30ft, pump
> up to another 30 ft for gravity feed.
> I would also like recommendations for a wind power generator to power
> the pump. I have consistent wind in this remote beach location in East
> Africa.

Hello Michael,
We do have a middle of the road submersible pump that will provide around 2.17 GPM with a total lift of 60 feet. It is our SunRise submersible pump 5226 which normally operates at 48 volts but you can power it off a 12 volt battery and still get 66% of the rated flow. It is not possible to run any of our pumps directly off a wind generator at this time so we will have to do a pump that is operated off of batteries and use a wind generator to charge the batteries.

SunRise 5226 Submersible Pump, 48V

In order to design the complete system I will have to calculate how many hours per day the pump will operate. If you can tell me how many gallons you need per day then I can put a system quote together that includes the pump, battery controller, wind generator and batteries.
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