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Subject Windmill addition to my solar panel system
Author Sascha Deri
> I recently purchased (6) 75w Siemens Solar Panels, 2 Traze DR2424
> invertors, a controller box and an 800 hr battery bank. This is a 24
> volt system.
> Unfortunately this system does not meet my needs. I am therefore
> interested in a 900 - 1000 watt wind generator.
> Please advise me as to price and availability of this item and/or please
> offer suggestions.
> Thank you


We can offer you the following prices on the Whisper wind generators:

Whisper H40 (900W)

We also have a less expensive version of the above 900 watt turbine that includes a simplified controller for $1290. The simplified controller does not include any provision for inputting your PV to the wind generator regulator or any system metering.

We also have a 1000 watt Whisper

Whisper H80 (1000W)

This machine als has a more inexpensive version with the simplified controller that sells for less.

Please review this information and let me know if you have any questions.
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