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Subject Solar Boost meter display versus E-Meter (2020) display
Author Sascha Deri
> I've placed an order for a Solar Boost 50 w/o display, it will ship =
> Monday. I am now wondering if I should have included the display. =20
> I intend to purchase a E-Meter system display down stream. What are the =
> differences between the SB display versus the E-Meter? Are the =
> differences worth the added cost of the E-Meter?

Hello John,

My general rule is this - if you have a generator back-up in the system then you absolutely must have a sophisticated state of charge meter like the Trace TM 500, the Tri-Metric or the Emeter. If you only have PV's then a meter attached to your charge controller is probably adequate. The SolarBoost display does show battery state of charge which is most critical but it only shows it as an instantaneous figure and does not show highs and lows, amount of time since last full charge or any other historical data. The Solar Boost meter also shows PV current coming in and what the controller is boosting it to, battery voltage and charge mode. If you have a proper state of charge meter then you may not need the additional charge control monitor with most charge controllers. However, with the SolarBoost it is nice to see how much boost the controller is giving to the PV array at any given time.
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