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Subject Pressurizing pump system
Author Sascha Deri
> My vertical lift is 1ft from holding tank to pressure tank. the psi goes on
> at 38 and off at 58psi. My pressure tank is about 100 yds from the house. We
> have 3 people using water. I don't know how many gallons a minute. Thanks

Hello again,

So, this sounds like a fairly standard pressurizing system for your average home.

Here is the pumping kit I would recommend:

Flowlight Residential Pressurizing 2920 Pump Kit.....$619.00

In order to power this pump for a maximum of 2 hours per day (this is extreme since most pressure pumps operate for less than one hour per day but it is better to be safe than sorry) you will need to following solar panel and battery bank set-up.

2 each
BP Solar (Solarex) SX-65U, 65W.......................$304.00

2 each
Concorde PVX-12100...................................$156.90

Complete system subtotal = $1540.80 + freight

The solar panels and batteries are slightly overszed as I said which will allow you to power a couple small DC loads. You can also add a very small inverter and power some AC loads. The ideal situation would be if you used this system as the building block to a larger solar system. Without this goal in mind this is a pretty expensive pumping system.

Another option is to use the same efficient pump that is used in our kit but use the 120 volt AC version instead of the 24 volt DC version that we use in the kit. This means that you can power the pump off standard utility power

Dankoff 2920-115VAC Standard Water Pump..............$543.38

You will still need the filter kit and dry run switch that are used in the kit but not the EZ kit.

[NOTE: see website for latest prices]
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