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Subject Inverter/Charger Recommendation & Pricing
Author Sascha Deri
> Dear Sirs,
> I'm looking for a 2500 watt / 12 volt inverter-charger to maintain
> two Rolls 6 volt batteries connected to provide a 12 volt system.
> Generally, I will be using the charger while being supplied by a Honda
> 5000 watt generator. Occasionally, I will use the inverter to power AC
> appliances. The battery system is used @ my remote cabin. During the
> off-season, the summer months, I want to use the charger to maintain the
> batteries. I thought that an inverter/charger would be the most
> economical way to go, even though the AC inversion would be only
> occasional. It is very important that I be able to monitor my batteries
> also. Therefore, a meter or control panel would be a must.
> What would you recommend ? What would be my actual cost

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Hello Jack,

We have a couple of different choices for inverter in that size range with built-in chargers.

StatPower PROSine 2.5, 12V..........................$2400.00

This ProSine is a very nice inverter/charger that has a built-in LED display. It is a FET based true sine wave inverter that is very small and light.

We also have a Trace DR inverter which is not a true sine wave but it does have a built-in battery charger. This inverter also does not have a built-in meter so you would have to use an extra battery state of charge meter.

Trace DR2412........................................$1046.25

Trace TM500 Meter w/500A shunt......................$205.80

I actually like to see a proper state of charge meter with all generator based systems rather than relying on the inverters LED display.

Neither of these inverters has a function to turn the generator on automatically as a function of battery voltage so you have to manually turn the generator on.

The final inverter/charger option we have in that size and voltage range is a true sine wave inverter that is transformer based and is very LOUD. You will not want to install this inverter in an occupied building. The advantage to this inverter is that it is realtively inexpensive and it has an optional feature that will turn the generator on automatically based on battery voltage.

Trace PS2512 Inverter...............................$1623.75

Trace Inverter Remote Control........................$247.80
This remote control is required to change any of the inverter programming which you will definitely have to do since you have flooded batteries.

The auto generator start module is so new that we do not have it on our price list yet but it will cost around $150. You do not absolutely need the additional battery state of charge meter with this inverter since the display on the remote shows battery voltage but it does not show you as much historical and use information as the TM 500 meter will.
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