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Subject solar kit
Author Sascha Deri
> We are considering installing a solar panel system on our land to cover the
> use of electricity at our house.
> We consume a maximum of 5000 kw a month on the occasionally really rough
> month. We average 3700 kw a month.
> What system would you recommend? We definitely want a grid intertie system.
> With frequent power failures in the winter, we are interested in battery
> backup if it is financially feasible.
> I live in the country, and the system will be installed on the ground.
> I live just north of Dallas, TX.

Hello Dane,

Wow! 3700 kWh per month is a lot of electricity. Powering that load entirely off of a solar electric system will be a very expensive project. For example, it will require around 400 solar panels at a cost of $150,000 - this does not yet include batteries, inverters or anything else.

My suggestion is to hire a company who specializes in energy efficiency to come in and evaluate ways that you can make your home more efficient. The more efficient the home, the smaller the solar electric system will be. Once the home is as efficient as possible then it may make sense to begin looking at a solar electric or wind electric system.
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