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Subject safety hazard - leaving the windmill connected to the battery bank?
Author Sascha Deri
> hello
> I have recently installed a freedom combi series inverter (model 20-12), air
> 403 12 land version wind generator, the link 1000, battery bank and all the
> goodies that goes with it. I have not done it, but the question is: if I
> charge the batteries using the freedom charger (activated via link), the
> wind turbine must be disconnected or not?
> I have had to charge the batteries a couple of times before, but first I
> disconnect (ground) the turbine. It's better be safe than sorry. Because
> the air403 manual nor the inverter instructions specify it, I had done it
> that way, but I have to be aware to turn off the charging function prior to
> reconnect the generator. Enlighten me and help me to bring these
> questions/doubts out of my head. thanks

Hello Fernando,
It is perfectly fine to leave the wind generator connected to the batteries while you are also charging them with your battery charger. If it is super windy and the wind generator is putting surges of voltage into the batteries it may confuse the charger periodically but since it is a three stage charger it will not adversely affect the battery charging process.
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