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Subject solar water pump for 60' well, 20 gpm
Author Sascha Deri
> I have a 60' well that will produce 20 gpm on a continuous basis. Can =
> you give me a list of components ( no storage tank) and the costs for a =
> system that will operate for 8 hrs per day and pump 4000 gal per day. =
> The water level is at 25'.

Hello Jerry,

The simplest way to operate our solar water pumps is solar direct which means that they operate all day while the sun is shining. This means that the pump will not operate for 8 hours per day except in the summer and only then if the solar panels are on a tracker. Our largest submersible pump is the TSP 1000 which will only operate off of a 120 volt battery bank which creates some interesting design projects as far as charge controllers, fusing etc.,. Our SunRise submersible system will produce around 2800 GPD if you operate the pump off solar panels and a 48 volt battery bank which is not quite as much water as you need.

A TSP system operating solar direct will cost around $6,000 including pump, solar panels, controller and solar panels mounting rack. The SunRise system will produce around 3000 GPD operating for 8 hours per day and will also probably cost around $6,000 including the batteries, solar panels, pump controller etc.,. Please let me know if you would like to see a firm quote on either if these systems.
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