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Subject Jacobs wind turbine for my home?
Author Sascha Deri
I am interested in this windmill...can it supply enough energy for a house,barn,garage and a jackpump well??
and do you have a payment plan?? I live in Superior Wisconsin and I understand your company is in Minnesota,Do you install the windmill or do I?? and do I need to get a permit for this windmill?? thank you for your time......Brenda

Hi Brenda,
Thanks for your inquiry to the Alternative Energy Store. We're in fact based out of Massachusetts, though we're a catalog/internet company which sells to all over the country. We currently only sell products and do not offer installation services. You would have to contact a local installer or contractor to have this turbine installed. Most towns will require you to get a permit to use the turbine, contact your local town government to determine this for sure.

Whether or not a wind turbine can produce enough power for you, depends on two factors:

1) How much wind do you get on average in your area? From that you can look at the chart in the specifications for the Jacobs wind turbine online and figure out how many watt-hours per month it will produce.

2) How much energy your house consumes per month in kilowatt-hours (kWh).

If you consumer more energy than it appears that you can produce with the wind turbine, you have a coupel of options. The most recommended option is for you to look at ways of reducing the amount of energy your home uses. So, this could be by changing all of your lights to compact fluorescents, using more energy efficient appliances, changing from electric air/water heating to gas, wood, solar, etc.

Another option would be to use a wind turbine to compensate partially for your electrical use, not your entire use. And then over time, either further reduce your energy usage or add another wind turbine or solar panels, for instance.

Hope that helps!

kind regards,

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