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Subject Inverter for matching sinewave output to the utility company
Author Sascha
Dear sirs,

Do you have an inverter that can sense the sine wave of another circuit and conform its sine wave output to the other circuit? For example, this would be useful in selling power back to a power co.

Many thanks,

Yes we certainly do - these are typically referred to as grid-intertie or grid tie inverters. We currently offer 4 models, though we understand more manufacturers will be coming out with more in the next year or so. Here are the ones we offer and their links to their specifications on our website:

Sunny Boy 2500 UL Utility Intertie Inverter

SunnyBoy 1800 Utility Intertie Inverter

Xantrex/Trace SunTie XR 2500 watt Inverter

Xantrex/Trace SW4024

Xantrex/Trace SW5548

The SW series inverters also require the addition of the GTI module to meet electrical code:

Grid Tie Interface

Hope that helps!

kind regards,

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