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Subject Is a temperature sensor necessary for my charge controller?
Author Sascha
I am think about buying a charge controller (solar boost or a prostar). I see that they recommend a temperature sensor. Is this necessary?

I had previously thought that if you mount a charge controller in the same environment as the batteries that the charge controller will automatically temperature compensate to either provide a higher charging voltage in cold weather, or a lower charging voltage in hotter weather... But this is not true.

On RV Power Products and PROstar products (or Trace, for that matter), the temp comp does not work UNLESS you have a temperature compensation sensor.. Usually this sensor costs another $25-$30 dollars more, but I believe that it's worth it to protect and provide the adequate charging voltage to a customer's battery given different temperature shifts...

Now if the batteries are indoors and the temperature is regulated to a constant temperature, this is less necessary. However in most of the situations I have seen battery temperature environment shifts wildly and it is critical to adjust the charging voltage correspondingly. RV Power Products adjusts charging voltage based upon .5mv/degree C/battery cell.
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