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Subject Wind Turbine for an RV
Author Sascha
Is it possible to use a geared/variable wind generator while the rig/trailer is "motoring on down the highway"? I sure hope so, this would be quite a boon to all of us RV`ers. By the way the USAF had one that popped out of the body of the aircraft when engine failure occurred.

Hi Harry, While we don't have a wind turbine that's designed to used while an RV is zooming down the highway, our RV customers frequently use the AIR-X wind turbine. They mount this turbine right on the RV and raise it when they reach a camping site (lower it while in motion). Here's the price and link to this product on our site:

Southwest Wind Power's AIR-X 12V, 400W Wind Turbine

We also have 24 and 48V versions of this turbine.

In theory, what you're asking for is done by your alternator in your RV. That is, as the RV is moving the alternator takes away some of the kinetic energy of the engine and converts it to electrical energy (to charge your battery bank and run your electrical load).

Hope that helps!
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