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Subject Water Pumping and the Air-x
Author Sascha
Under application information for the Air-X, it list Water pumping & battery charging. Is this a dual capability turbine? I'm interested for both pumping water and power generation. Is this possible, or is it made for single applications only? Also, what other equipment would I need to purchase for a complete package.


Dear Sir, The AirX 403 wind turbine can really only be used to charge batteries. To date, there is no pump that can be run directly from the turbine because of the machines varying voltage due to changes in wind speed. When SWWP refers to using the 403 for water pumping, they mean that you can use the turbine to charge batteries that will then power a pump.
SWWP does manufacture a water pumper using a Whisper H80. It has a much higher cost though and can be used only for that application. As for a complete package...if you mean the equipment needed for an Air 403 system. You will need the wind machine (of course), a tower kit, a battery bank sized for your loads, a low voltage disconnect whith an amp rating equal or greater to your loads (any of the C controllers greater than 12 amps made by Trace will work), an Air Stop Switch, and the correct circuit breaker for the wind generator.

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