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Subject Small grid tie inverter available for 240 watts of solar panels?
Author Sascha
I have two PV arrays from the Carissa Plains project in California. Each one measures 12volts and 20Amps in full sun. I would like to use these in a grid-tie application. Is there an inverter out there that small that is grid-compatible.

Hi Ben,
Unfortunately, no. The smallest inverter that is now available on the market is either the SunTie 1500 (which is now being discontinued) or the SMA SunnyBoy 1800 (1800 watts). Both require a higher voltage than the 2 of your solar panels put together would produce.

Sorry for the bad news. If you're willing to add more panels, then you could go with the SunnyBoy 1800:

SunnyBoy 1800 Utility Intertie Inverter w/o display

There are rumors that smaller grid intertie inverters will be again available by different manufacturers in the next 2 years. But you probably don't want to wait that long!

Kind Regards,

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