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Subject How a Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Deters Insects
Author Sascha
How a Sun-Mar Composting Toilet Deters Insects

Insects can be attracted to either a dry compost, or an anaerobic compost. Insects will not be attracted to an aerobic, moist compost at all.

Why does a dry compost attract insects? Fungus starts to grow when the conditions are dry and the bacterial activity decreases because the bacteria no longer have their vehicle the moisture that they use to travel around the pile with. This is why isolating the compost from the drying effects of fans and heating elements is necessary in a well-designed composting toilet. Currently, Sun-Mar is the only composting toilet company which isolates the compost to retain moisture.

Even with our smart design, moisture retention needs a little help from you to work properly. To keep compost moist, unplug the unit if you will be away for more than three days (electric units only), and add water whenever you think it looks too dry. This is all it takes to keep your compost perking, and keep flies away!

Anaerobic compost will occur if the drum is not being rotated enough or the wrong bulking material is being used (i.e. peat moss alone refer to Sun-Mar owners manual for more details).

Sun-Mar no longer recommend the addition of topsoil to the compost, as it may contain insect larvae. Instead, they provide the Sun-Mar Microbe Mix with your new composting toilet system, which contains all of the bacteria necessary to establishing a good compost.

What Do I do if I Do Get Flies?

Change the conditions that caused it (dry or anaerobic compost), and use either Malathion or Resmethrin to kill them. These will need to be applied once a day, throughout the unit, until you no longer see them.

Sun-Mar has done extensive research into the environmental safety of using these chemicals in our composting toilets. Their studies have shown that Malathion and Resmethrin actually break down themselves in composting in 30 days. Neither of these chemicals will damage your compost, and are available as ingredients in pesticides from your local hardware store or lawn & garden center.
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