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Subject Solar Attic for cooling at night?
Author Sascha
In regard to the solar attic vent-can you tell me whether or not the unit will 'store' power. what I mean is, will I be able to turn it off during the day and on at night? I am thinking of using it in a cabin where the air is 'dead' at night. How long will the fan run after it has been charged? Thanks in advance-

The solar attic fan only works when there's sunlight. Generally speaking it cools down the attic enough during the day that there's no need to cool it further during the night-time. We don't recommend using though for trying to ventilate your entire home/cabin. It would probably be more reasonable to purchase a DC powered fan or fans, a solar panel (perhaps 60 to 100 watts), a solar charge controller rated for 10 amps and two deep cycle marine batteries (12V, in parallel) to power the fan at night when there's no sunlight. Such a setup would probably cost from $600-$800 is my rough estimate.

Hope that helps!

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