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Subject Using the Xantrex/Prosine 2.0 Inverter for 240V AC
Author Sascha
Q: Customers have asked if it's possible to use combiner two of the Statpower (Xantrex) ProSine series of inverters to produce 240V AC output.

A: Yes, BUT only on the ProSine 2.0 - neither the 2.5 or the 3.0 ProSines may be used for this purpose. Here are the details on the type of 240V AC output you can get by combining two of the ProSine 2.0 inverters together (straight from the manual):

Series operation refers to a specific wiring configuration that allows you
to connect two PROsine 2.0 Inverter•Chargers in a way that produces two 120V phases which are synchronized to produce 240V. This is commonly referred to as a “120/240Vac split-phase” supply or “240V single-phase with a center-tap
neutral” and is the same as the utility connection to most houses. This
series system can power both 120Vac and 240Vac single-phase loads. Two PROsine
Inverter•Chargers connected in series can provide up to 4kW continuous
power to almost any combination of 120V and 240V loads.

Each inverter•charger is still limited to 17A continuous. For example, you
cannot put 9A of load on one phase and 25A of load on the other.

How to Connect the Two Inverters for 240V Operation:
The SYNC connectors on the inverter•chargers are connected by a series sync cable. If this cable becomes damaged or lost, you can replace it with
standard 4-conductor telephone cable, but the length must be ten feet or less.
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