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Subject More Servel Questions
Author Sascha
Q: What is the size of the gas line for the Servel?

A: It uses 3/8 inch copper tubing.

Q: How long does it usually take to get cool when you first turn it on?

A: Typically it takes 6-8 hours. Most folks usually set it up during the night before and then let it run all night to get cool.

Q: What conversion do I need to make to use kerosene as my fuel source?

A: The Servel comes already setup to use kerosene as a fuel source. There's a tank at the bottom of the unit that you fill. However, if possible we advise not using kerosene but LP gas instead. Using kerosene is usually more expensive and requires more maintenance. You usually have to refill the kerosene tank every week. Also, there is no electric backup when you use kerosene - while there is when you use LP gas.

Q: Can I convert from LP Gas operation to Natural Gas operation?

A: While you can't convert the unit yourself to Natural Gas, we can have the unit converted before it's shipped to you. The cost for the conversion is ~$100. And since the unit has to be de-crated and re-crated (in a new crate) after the conversion, there's an additional $100 re-crating fee. So the total charge for converting the natural gas is effectively ~$200.
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