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Subject Pumping water to create pond for energy storage.
Author Ben Farmer
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I would like to use solar power to pump water from a well or river up 100-200feet and then use the potential from the water to create power for my homesite. The homesite will only be used on weekends so I anticipate the water storage should be adequate for my power needs. I could also use the river to generate power - the flow is quite large but the total drop is less than 10feet.

Can you advise what pieces I need to look at to create this system - could you send me a catalog -

steve novak
1953 north upper truckee
south lake tahoe, ca 96150

Hello Steve,
I think you would be best spending your money on Solar panels and batteries. To do what you want to do would mean a great loss in power potential. Meaning that your only getting around 14% efficiency converting sunlight into electricity, and then with the pump your loosing efficiency by pumping up 200ft, and then when you run the reservoir downhill to your micro-hydro turbine your really only getting about 60% efficiency converting your water into electricity through the turbine, you come up with around .08% energy conversion efficiency. And the cost of the pump, solar panel, materials, micro-hydro turbine, batteries, would be around $2000 to $3000 depending. If you take that money and just buy alot of batteries as storage and minimizing the amount of PV panels, you could have a much simpler and less cost design.
As for the river nearby with 10ft of head, we actually sell a turbine to create power with those specs. You would need to build your own channel for it, but defiantely worth the effort. I have included the link to the products spec page below.

Best Regards---Ben

Please feel free to contact me personally to place an order. Best Regards---Ben

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