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Subject Trace Power Panel
Author Sascha Deri
> I am a cutomer and I am in the process of installing a wind/solar system in a
> home I own in the country. I have a dilemna about ordering a 3624D IPP or a
> 4025 SW Will the DR run a computer and other related electronics properly?
> I also am on a deep well that uses a 240 v pump at 2 hp. Will the trace
> transformer be large enough to run the pump if I decide to use a single SW
> with a 120/240 transformer.
> My other thought is to intertie with PGE using the single SW inverter. I
> downloaded all the info I could get from Trace. All of them show the SW
> going to a sub-panel and in none of the diagrams, do I understand how the
> power I produce goes into the grid. If I decide on the SW, which model
> should I order with my power Panel? I won't hold you responsible , What
> would be your choice?

Yes the DR inverter will run your computer but you may have problems with the printers, scanner or other accessories that are a bit more picky.

The SW4024 will not quite run your well pump and it will definitely not run it if there are any other loads running at the same time as the pump. Our information & experience is that a 2 HP Pump requires a minimum of a 4.5 kW sine wave inverter so even the T-240 transformer is a bit borderline at 4 kW. My first suggestion is to swap out that AC Pump for a more efficient DC pump like our SunRise. If you give me the specifics on your application (static water level and required gallons per day) I can put together a DC pumping system for you. If you do not want to give up your AC pump then it may be best to tie into the utility grid. You can also use the Trace SW5548 inverter which will run your pump. This will only work of the other components you have already ordered are compatible with or can be configured for 48 volts.

The utility grid comes into the system via the inverter which is connected to a sub circuit breaker panel as you have seen in the drawings. You do all the programming for how & when & under what conditions the system sells power back to the grid or charges the batteries with the grid using the SW inverter control panel.
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