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Subject Willl a Modified Sinewave inverter work for me?
Author Sascha Deri
> I am interested to buy an inverter from you.
> I need to run a dehumidifier and a 1/20hp water circular pump.
> The dehumidifier takes 775 W continues power. @ 120/60hz
> I do not know about the water pump. (both need to be running continuously)
> My question is Would modified sine wave (1500W Inverter) work ??
> If not what do you think I should get?


Yes a modified sine wave inverter should work just fine for your application since neither of those loads should be so sensitive that they will need a sine wave inverter. 1/20th HP translates into about 40 watts so even if the pump surges to 10 times its normal power requirement, 1500 watts should still be able to handle both of those loads. You are not leaving yourself any room for growth though so if you think you will ever want to run any other loads off the same inverter you may want to consider stepping up to a 2000 or 2400 watt unit.
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