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Subject Should I go with a Solar Boost charge controller?
Author Sascha Deri
> Hello,I have a PS 2512 inverter that I bought from a recommendation from you
> folks, and want to say first THANK YOU!!.
> My question is. I am very shortly going to buy some solar panels here
> but what I want to know is....
> Can I get a Solarboost 50 and feed 24 volt into it from the panels (
> I'd rather run the panels themselves at 24v to cut on costs on heavier
> gauge wiring and line losses) yet have the thing put out the 12 volts
> for the battery charging and the inverter?

Yes you can feed 24 volts into the SolarBoost and still have it regulate a 12 volt battery bank. This is feature that the SolarBoost offers just so that folks can save on wire size and line losses. It is the only charge regulator we offer that will allow for this type of system and it is a very nice feature. Just one more reason why the SolarBoost MPPT's are so popular.
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