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Subject PV/Solar Power for well
Author Sascha Deri
> I would like to inquired about what a photovoltaic system would constitute,
> {various component parts} and how much such a system would cost to run a
> submersible well pump with 120 gal pressure tank at 40psi.
> 1 HP, 230 volts, Hz 60 PH1
> RPM 3450, S.F. 14, S. F. max amp 9.6
> The well & pump is located about 65 feet underground and the PV panel would
> be located about 150 feet away. I would appreciate any help you can give
> me.


Generally, operating an AC pump off solar is very inexpensive because AC pumps are so inefficient.

In this case, a solar powered system to operate your one HP pump will look like this:

2 each
Trace DR3624 Inverter

Trace DR Stacking Kit

2 each (4 panels total)
Photowatt PW750-90, 90W Solar Panel (Qty 2)

4 each
Trojan T105 (225AH) Batteries

This assume that the pump runs for one hour per day which is fairly standard for a residential pressurizing system.

Another option is to replace your existing pump with a DC pump. This allows for a simpler system (pump & solar panels but no batteries) and may allow for a batter building block if you are going to do add more solar capabilities to your home.
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