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Subject Grid intertie and battery backup at 36V DC
Author Sascha Deri
> Project is in community where electric carts are used extensivly. 36
> volt cart batteries (6X6), would be beneficial to use carts as battery
> source. most likely 2 carts per system.
> I am contemplating a 12 panel array grid intertie system using carts as
> battery back up.
> can you give me some input ?

It seems to me that the simplest system invlives a straight utility intertie system where the solar panels just "sell" power back to the utility company through an inverter. Then you can just use the charger set-up you already have in place to charge the batteries. This is the simplest system and probably the cheapest if not the most efficient. SOmething like our Medium Utility Intertie kit may be nice if you want to stick with 12 or so panels.

An alternative is to set-up solar panel arrays in 36 volts and have them feed a few charging stations where the batteries are re-charged. The solar panels can sell power back to the utility company when there are no batteries to charge. This system will be more convoluted and more costly. 36 volts is not very common as far as inverters and charge controllers go so some voltage conversion will have to take place etc.,.
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