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Subject Wiring information for the Delta lightning arrestor
Author Sascha Deri
> Please send me a detail diagram, how to connect a delta lightning
> arrestor, their no information in the 403, 12v documents that were sent
> with my wind generator.

(2001) I have noticed that Delta now includes a very poor & inaccurate drawing with the lightning arrestors. I have called them to find out why the step down in documentation but I have not received an answer yet.

I do not have the capacity to do a diagram but I can tell you what to do and it is rather simple. The LA-DC should be installed outside by the PV array or wind generator in its own little junction box and it gets spliced in to the wires going from the PV array or wind generator into the charge controller or batteries. The LA-DC has three wires - one connects to the positive wire, the second to the negative wire and the third to a copper ground wire. This copper ground wire then connects to the ground rod to which the PV array frame or wind generator tower also connect. This copper ground wire should be about 8' long and driven all the way into the ground and unless the PV array or wind generator are very far away from the rest of the system, this ground rod shoud be the connecting point for all your chassis grounds.
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