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Subject Using DR1512 inverter for a well water pump
Author Sascha Deri
> I am planning on stacking a couple Trace DR1512, would that be enough power
> for my 1HP well pump that is rated 9.8A at 240V. Would I have to stack in
> parellel and use a tranformer, or stack in series (would that be enough
> amps?) The pump only runs for a minute and a half to charge the pressure
> tank. Thanks, Ken

Hello Ken,

Two DR1512's will be BARELY be enough to run your 1 HP well pump. And you only have about 200 watts left over to operate any other loads at the same time. In addition to the two inverters you will also need a Trace T-240 transformer to get the 240 VAC since you will need to stack the two DR1512's in parallel to get enough amps.

Trace T240 Transformer

Alternatively you can purchase two of the DR23624's and stack them in series and you will not need the T-240. With the 3624's you will also have a reasonable amount of power left over to operate other loads as well.

Trace DR3624

Of course, if you are purchasing the inverter just to operate a well pump, you may be cheaper to use a DC pump powered directly off solar panels. Please provide the static water level of your well and the water consumption in gallons per day if you would like to pursue this option.
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