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Subject 10kW grid intertie system for California
Author Sascha Deri
> I live in southern California and I'm interested in buying 4 of your Economy
> Large Utility Intertie 2500 Watt systems. What I really need is a single
> kit that will provide 10,000 watts of power and will be mounted on a flat
> residential roof. I have approx 2500 sq ft of roof available. What can
> you do for me? Please price the Mounting Kits separately.


We do have a single 10 kW inverter made by Trace Technologies that will work for a utility intertie system. It requires three phase power coming from the utility at 208 volts. This inverter retails for about $8000 but I am sure that we can provide it to you for less.

This inverter requires a 300 volt DC input so you will wire about 40 panels in series to get the proper voltage and you can do three rows of these panels for a total of about 120 panels. This will take up about 1000 square feet of roof space for just the panels and extra room will be required for appropriate spacing between racks. If you want to pursue this system you will have to let us know the exact lay out of your roof so we can figure out the spacing of the racks on the roof.

Even if you choose to go with 4 of the Large Utility Intertie systems we should get some info about the layout of the roof to make sure we get the spacing correct. With the Large Utility kit we use the Two Seas 4 panel roof mounts

Two Seas UNI-GR/04 Universal Ground/Roof Mount.......$190.00

We will probably use this same rack even if you choose a single, larger system but depending on the dimensions of the roof it may be better to do a mulit-tier rack or something.

If you do choose to do 4 of the Large Utility Intertie kits I can see if we are able to offer a further discount off our already low prices.
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