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Subject solar system to power cctv cameras
Author Sascha Deri
> I have need for a solar powered system to handle 6 cctv cameras 12 vdc at
> 200 ma each. Please EMAIL a quote for the best system you could recommend
> for this application. I live in Puerto Rico (lots of SUN).
> James


A system to power your 6 cameras for 24 hours per day is as follows:

3 each
BP Solarex BP-275

Solar Boost 2000E

Two Seas UNI-TP/03 Universal Top-of-Pole Mount

Concorde PVX-12255

Lightning arrestor, DC

Cost ~$2000

This system assumes three days of battery storage and an average of 5 sun hours.

This system does not include a battery box to protect the battery from weather which we can quote if you provide the specifics about the site. Also, if your cameras need a precise 12 volts and do not have any kind of voltage limitation corcuitry we made need to use a DC voltage limiter to get exactly 12 volt out of the batteries. This system also does not include the pole for the top of pole mounting rack or any system wiring. Our customer usually get these items locally although we can spec out sizes etc.,.

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