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Subject Charge controllers for a wind mill system
Author Sascha Deri
Q: > We are planning to install a stand alone wind system and take our small farm off grid this year. We have eight mint 32 volt Winchargers, three of which we will use in this effort. All are 1200-1500 watt machines at 32 VDC. We have been having great difficulty finding inverters or other equipment to use with this voltage. Assuming that we can't find 32 volt inverters, we will run these systems as 24 volt systems instead. Inverters are readily available as are charge controllers. However controllers like the Trace C40 are not recommended to be used with wind electric input due to wide fluctuations of input amperages. That said, do you have a good controller that works well with wind electric systems? Do the C60 Trace controllers also have the problem accepting wind input?

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It is possible to use either the C40 or the C60 with a wind system but you wire them up as a load controller instead of a charge controller which means you wire the controller in parallel with the battery bank rather than in series between the charging device and the batteries. You must then hook some kind of dump load to the controller like an air heating element or a water heating element. Make sure that the dump load is rated at 50% higher than the wind generators peak output. If you run the Wincharger at 24 volt you will get reduced output but I still think it is about 1000 watts so you will want at least 1500 watts of dump load.

We do have a manufacturer of charge controller that may be able to make something for 32 volts if they do not already but I do not know of anyone who will do the inverter at a custom voltage.
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