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Subject staber system?
Author Sascha Deri
Q: Will 7 Siemens 75W's 4.4amp, SP2000 true sine inverter and a 3 bank 51 amp/hr gel batteries run the Staber 2000 series washer? I'm in Bishop CA where the sun almost always shines. The rest of my load is DC - lights, tv, lap top, stereo.

A: Your inverter is large enough to handle all of those appliance, including the Staber. Staber recommends a minimum inverter of 1500 Watts (The Prosine 2.0 is 2000 watts). However, whether or not you have enough solar panels and batteries depends on your location (which you said was CA - a good thing!), the wattage of each device you'll be using and how many hours or minutes per day you'll be using each device. With this information you'll be able to determine the number of watt-hours you consume every day versus how many watt-hours your solar panel system would generate.

We'd recommend reading over our solar panel sizing seminar and the battery sizing seminar to determine if your system will supply enough power. Here are the links to those seminars in our 'Alt E University':

To see all of the seminars we offer online for free, go to:

Kind Regards, Sascha
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