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Subject Open circuit voltage on my AIR403/AIR-X
Author Sascha Deri
"The open-circuit voltage of my AIR 403 is far above my batteries. Is this normal?"
When connected to batteries, the AIR 403 spins freely until it reaches the battery voltage. When the voltage of the turbine rises above battery voltage, current (amps) begins to flow, as current is a function of a difference in voltage. The greater the difference in voltage, the greater the current is.

If no battery is connected, then the turbine will continue to increase in voltage (provided there is sufficient wind) until almost double the rated voltage is reached. At this point the Autobrake is engaged and the turbine slows down. For a 12V turbine this happens at about 23V.

It should be noted that, when the turbine is open circuit (not connected to batteries), the Autobrake will slow the blades, and the voltage from the turbine will drop. The Autobrake will release until the blades spin up again, and then re-engage. This leads to an oscillation that is more strenuous on the turbine than normal operation. For this reason you must short the positive turbine output wire to the turbine negative wire whenever it is not connected to a load to achieve the maximum life from your turbine.

If you observe your turbine oscillating in the manner described above, check the fuse or breaker for the turbine as it may be expired.
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